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Blog Swag: Cay Michele Blog

This blog titled "Cay Michele" is great. It shows Cay Michele's thoughts on Fashion and Life it self. Check it out at http://www.caymichele.blogspot.com/

Blog Swag: New Partnering Blog

The 3 Peas

Check out one of my new partnering blogs: http://www.devotionofthreepeas.blogspot.com/. This Blog expresses the thoughts of Photography, Poetry, Fashion and more!

Lookbook Swag: "Save Khaki" Spring/Summer

So I was blogging around looking around for new ideas and inventions to post about when I stumbled across "Save Khaki." Although im not completely positive on what they do, I am without a doubt sure that they made a awesome Spring/Summer Lookbook. Enjoy!
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Shoe Swag:: Marcus Troy x Ronnie Fieg Docksides

In my opinion these Shoes are really awesome. They go really well with the casual look. These shoes are priced at $110USD. I'll definitely try to cop a pair of these.

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Photo Swag: Woods

I recently visited a cabin in the country with my friend/team member of mine. The cabin actually ended up being a great place to capture some fantastic pictures. Hope you enjoy!
- J. Mitchell

Urban Outfitters July Catalog

Check out a couple of looks from UO's July catalog. They're really dope!

Team Swag New Blog

Team Swag has decided to make a blog, where both members can post about thoughts and ideas of Projects and events they are and will be doing. The blog is titled http://www.lifeofteamswag.blogspot.com/. Please visit this site and follow it as well, we need as much support as possible. Although "Team Swag" has assembled a blog together we still will be maintaining our own seperate blogs such as the one you are on now, and Aaron Kanes blog, http://www.thelifeofkhemosabi.blogspot.com/ so please continue to visit and follow these blogs as well.

Team Swag Upcoming Event: Preview

For those of you who don't know I pertain to a group titled "Team Swag", where the members are Aaron Kane ( www.thelifeof khemosabi.blogspot.com ) and of course me. But anyways, back to what you are reading for, we are in the progression of making a new projest originally titled "Street Manner", but will be changed because of its relative closeness to "Street Etiquette" where Travis Gumbs and Joshua Kissi are the inventors. Although they are a big inspiration to Aaron and myself, I felt as if we should come up with something of our own. The project will be based on the 60's fashion and culture, and what we think it was like back then. We are aiming to release this project around the 25th of August, but not promising just in case we have to push it back. Hopefully this will be the starting of something big, and this is just the first project of many!

I'M Beamin!!!

Lupe Fiasco - I'm Beamin from Illusive Media on Vimeo.

This video/song period is essential to all the people out there who are trying to do something postive, and trying to make it or have aleady made it. It's DOPE, check it out.

Velour Spring/Summer 2010

Velour Spring/Summer Looks of 2010 are here!!! Here are some ideas for the summer time esp. when you hit up the beach and go out with friends. These looks are simply great.

Soundtrack 2 My Life

DatNewCudi.com: KiD CuDi - Soundtrack 2 My Life (Directed by Jason Goldwatch) from DatNewCudi / DP on Vimeo.
Another video from Cudi's album Man On The Moon: The End Of The Day. Great editing if you ask me!!!

Embrace The Nerd

Bring out your nerdy side. The look is great "nowadays." Nerds are getting the most play haha. Shop for looks like this at http://urbanoutfitters.com/ and another great website is http://heritage1981.com/

Cycling Time!!!!

For those of you who don't know UO (Urban Outfitters) has a place on their website where you can make some of the Dopest Custom Bikes. I would definitely consider buying one of these, especially for Summertime. I most definitely am going to save up money and try to buy one. The website is http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/. And the website also sells really nice clothing, so make sure you check it out.